Gramenz DNA Project

Gramenz DNA and Surname Project

Welcome to the GRAMENZ DNA and surname study!

The goal of the Gramenz project is to identify and unite Gramenz family members with their respective DNA matches.

People with the surname Gramens, Gramentz, Gramenz, Gramins, Graminz, Gramintz, Grammentz, Grammenz, Graumenz, Graumünz and any other reasonable spelling variations and from all locations in the world are welcome to join the project. Only males have Y-chromosomes, so only results of male Gramenz (or varient) can prove a relationship between Gramenz families. If you are a female researching one of these surnames, please urge an eligible male in your family to participate. For most participants the YDNA-37 marker test has proven the most valuable for us. However, any other YDNA marker test is welcome. As the Gramenz women were always the most important part of our families DNA results (mtDNA) of Gramenz spouses or daughters are welcome too in order to show the diversity of our family genes.

The project is officially hosted here at Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), a legitimate and world-leading institute for DNA testing for genealogical purposes. It enables participants to perform the DNA tests under scientific control and to a much lower price. The DNA sample for the test is extracted painlessly from buccal cells (saliva/cheek cells) with a cotton swab. This can be done by oneself.

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The results of the project are available freely for all project members. Non-members are only able to check some results here. The results are then absolutely anonymous.

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Donations are managed solely by FTDNA. All donations will be used for DNA testing of existing or future members only.